82nd CRPF Rising Day

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In India all over celebareted 82nd Raising Day of CRPF.

History of the Rising Day :

In the British time CRPF raised. On the date on July 27, 1939. That time CRPF work as Crown Representative Police under POLICE of British.  In 1949 changed as Central Reserve Force. This change is done by Sardar Vallabhai Patel.

Important Points :

This day is celebrating all over India.  New Delhi is the headquarters of the CRPF. The Union Home Minister Amit Shah will visit the Headquarters. The first battalion was on Neemuch town of Madhya Pradesh state. Total Number of CRPF Police is 3.25 Lakh.

Three main combat theaters in the Force :

  1. Counter Terrorist Operation in Kashmir Vally.
  2. Anti – Naxal operation in Left Wing Extermism affected areas.
  3. Counter insurgency in North Easter States.

What is the CRPF’s  Speciality :

This is the largest armed forces in India. It’s function by The Ministory of Home Affairs. The Crown Representative Force was made the CRPF under the CRPF Act, 1949 in 2008. In Naxalite Movement new COBARA (Commando Battalion for Resolute Action ) was added in CRPF. This force also profesionaly trained by international missions such as Sri Lanka, Liberia. COBRA have also been sent to undertake UN Peacekeeping missions.  

Reference : www.gktody.in

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