5G: Work together India, Israel, and the USA

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About Video Conferencing of India, Israel, and USA:

While many countries, including the United States and India, have dropped out of China to set up the 5G technology system.

India, Israel, and the United States will now work together to set up the system.

Building an open, reliable, secure Five G messaging system will be a priority.

Bonnie Glick, deputy director of t he US Agency for International Development.

At the India-US-Israel Virtual Summit, he said that the three countries can meet the challenges of global development together.

Participate in meeting Ron Malka, Ambassador of Israel to India, and his counterpart in Israel, Sanjeev Sangli.

Glick’s statement: all three countries are cooperating in the 5 G technology Will do. Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Tel Aviv have made a name for themselves as leading destinations for technology.

Reference Used: E-Paper Loksatta

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