2nd Second World Cotton Day 2020

Cotton-Logo On the occasion of the Second World Cotton Day, the first emblem and emblem of Indian cotton was inaugurated yesterday. Now the best quality cotton in India will be known as Musk Cotton. Union Textile Minister Smriti Irani Innagurated the first Indian cotton insignia. On the date of 7th October 2020.

History Of the Wold Cotton Day
ICAC – International Cotton Advisory Committee. Starting the day in the year 2019. UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and FAO Food & Agriculture Organization brings communities worldwide.

Indian Celebration of World Cotton Day 2020
Cotton is the major commercial crop in the country, with over 60 lakh farmers producing cotton. India is the world’s 2nd-largest cotton producer and the world’s largest consumer of cotton.

Is identity. India produces 6 million tonnes or 23 percent of the world’s total cotton production. India accounts for 51% of the world’s organic cotton production.

The Cotton Corporation of India has given the highest guaranteed price for cotton, and in the coming season, the maximum guaranteed price of cotton will be procured. The Cotton Corporation has set up 430 procurement centers in the cotton-producing states this year and arrangements have been made for the farmers to get their money in three days, Irani said.

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