28 July: World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis day
World Hepatitis Day
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Hepatitis Day is celebrated all over the world. The world Health organization and various other organizations celebrate this day. This year’s world health organization given the following theme.
What is the theme of World Hepatitis Day?
Hepatitis – Free Future.
Why July 28?
Because of The birthday fo Dr. Baruch Blumberg. He discovered the Hepatitis B virus. This scientist wins the Nobel Prize. He also developed a diagnostic test to identify the virus. Nobel prize laurel also developed a vaccine to treat the virus.
What is Hepatitis?
There are five main strains of the Hepatitis virus. A, B, C, D is the five main strains of Hepatitis Various.
The most common strains of causing deaths are Hepatitis B and C.
What are the main Objectives of celebrating this Day?
Tor increase awareness of Hepatitis. It strengthens the prevention, screening, and control of viral hepatitis. The main aim of the day is to increase Hepatitis Vaccine Coverage.
What Campaigns are as follows world Health Day?

  1. World Blood Donor Day.
  2. World Immunization Week.
  3. World Tuberculosis Day.
  4. World No Tobacco Day.
  5. World Malaria Day World AIDS Day.

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