KVS PRT (Primary Teacher) EXAM

TestSubjectsNumber of QuestionTotal Marks
Part – IGeneral English1010
 General Hindi1010
Part – IIGeneral Knowledge and Current Affires1010
 Reasoning Ability4010
 Computer Literacy1010
 Subject concerned8080


Test Subjects Number of Question Total Marks
Part – I General English 10 10
  General Hindi 10 10
Part – II General Knowledge and Current Affires 40 40
  Reasoning Ability 40 40
  Computer Literacy 10 10
40 40

  Total 150 150


TestSubjectsNumber of QuestionTotal Marks
Part – IGeneral English1010
 General Hindi1010
Part – IIGeneral Knowledge and Current Affires1010
 Reasoning Ability1010
 Computer Literacy1010
  Subject concerned 80 80

Topics in General English

Common for all Exams-PRT, TGT and PGT-for 10 Marks

1. Find error (Spotting the Errors) 12. Writing Ability

2. Parts of speech 13. English Teaching

3. Determiners/ An Articles 14. Tense

4. Phrasal Verbs 15. Unseen Passages (Comprehension)

5. Modals or Auxiliaries 16. Prepositions

6. Active and Passive Voice 17. Suffix and Prefix

7. Direct and Indirect Speech 18. Sentence Improvement and Arrangement

8. Synonyms and Antonyms 19. Sentence Completion and Ordering

9. One Word Substitution 20. Proverbs

10. Idioms and Phrases 21. Analogies

11. Punctuation Marks

Topics in General Hindi

(Common for all Exams – PRT, TGT and PGT-for 10 Marks

1. भाषा                                                                                                   

2. वर्ण विचार                                                                                                                                                        1

3. पद विचार                  

  4 उपसर्ग -प्रत्यय                                                              

5 सन्धि                                                                                               

6. समास                                                                                              

7. तदभव-तत्सम शब्द                                                                           

8. वाक्य रचना                                                                                         

9. पद परिचय             
॥ जड़करे-लोकोक्तियाँ 

11. विलोम शब्द   

14. अनेकार्थी शब्द.

 15. वाक्याशे के लिए एक शब्द

16. विराम चिन्ह

 17. अलकार

 18. अपठीत गढयांश (अबोध क्षमता

19. हिन्दी शिक्षण

20. शब्द समूह, शब्द रचना और शब्द बोध.

21 वाक्य शदवी

22 हिन्दी की प्रमुख रचनाए एवं रचनाकार

Topics in General Knowledge & Current Affairs

(Common for all Exams -PRT-10 Marks, TGT-40 Marks and PGT-10 Marks)

1. General History of háa (and Wald  

2. General Geography of India (and World) 
3. General Politics of India (and World    

  world file first Olympie, first Asian Game

4. General Econormy of India                                         5. General Environment of India (and World)               6. General Science (Physics, Chemistry and  the Biology)                                                                      7. Sports and sportsman  important discoveries            8. State, National and International Awards              9. Recent Developments in Science and Tech.       10. Political events-State, national and International     11. Finance and Banking sector                                12. Current National and International Events         13. Population Census                                              14. Important Books and their writers                       15. First sports achievement for India and the   .. 16. State Animals and Symbols  17. Awards and importance                                      18. Name of the Scientist who got Noble pnze foc    19. Important Days, Weks, Years and Date


Topics in Reasoning Ability

Common for all Exams -PRT-10 Marks. TGT-40 Marks and PGT 10 Marks

Alphanumeric sernes
Artificial Language
Blood Relations
Cause and Efect 
Coding: Decoding Folding n
Critical pah 
Cubes and cuboids 
Dia Suficiency k Onder de Ranking 
Decision Making 
Sering krangements
Similarities and Differences
Spatial Visualization
Reasoning Statement Analysis 
Embedded Images
Figure Matris
Mimo and Water is 5 Maching Definities
Odd One Out 
Picture Series and Sequences
Patem Series and Sequences 
Statement and Argument
Antical Lange
Visual Memory

Topics in Child Pedagogy

Common for all Exams -PRT- 20 Mark, IGT: 4 Marks and PGT-10 Marts

1. Childhood and development of children: Prospective in development, Physical –
Motor Development, Social and Emotional development, Childhood

2. Education and Curriculum: Leaming Leamer and Teaching, Knowledge and
curriculum, Facilitating personal growth, application In teaching, Knowledge and
Methods of enquiry, Leamers and their context, Pedagogic practice and the process
df Leaming ICT in education.

3. Methodologs: Understanding Language and early Literacy Mahematics Education for
primary schol child, Listening and Speaking, Reading, Writing, Language and
Communication, Planning for Teaching, Clasroom Management.

4. Diversity, Gender and Inclusive Education: Inclusive Education, Children with Special
Neels. Gender School and Society


1. Pedagogical Concerns Sensory Impairment (Hearing Impairment, Visual

(a) Curiculum: Mexaning, Principles types of Impairment and Deaf Blind curiculum organization, approaches. Cognitive Disabilities: (Autism Spectrum Disorder;

(b)} Planning instructional Plan- Year Plan, Intellectual Disability and Specific Leaming Disability) Unit Plan. Lesson Plan Physical Disabilities. cerebral palsy and loco motor

(c) Instructional material and resources: Text Books

(0) Philosophy of inclusion with special reference to

Work books, Supplementary material AV aids, childrenwith disability: Laboratories, Library, Clubs-Museums Technology

(0) Evaluation: Types toks, Characteristics of a good test,

 (h) Education & Technology Continuous 

 Comprehensive Evaluation, Analysis

and interpretation of Scholastic Achievement Test

2. Inclusive Education

(a) Understanding diversities concept types

(disability as a dimension of diversity)

(6) Disability as a social construct, classification of

disability and its educational implications

Theory of Communication


Communication in the classroom, barriers in


Concept, Nature of Leaming-input: a) Childhood & 

child development of Environmental, Aproaches to 

learning and their

Thorndike), Constructivism (Plaget, Vigotsky), Gestalt

 c) Methodology

(Bandura), Dimensions of Learning – Cognitive

its role in learning. Memory. Forgeting, Transfer of